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"Choice; life" - the baby's life; in your choices and decisions!

Sponsor: Micro Movie Release time: 2014-08-02

The World Chinese-language micro-film competition is a stage for representing ourselves. Film lovers can get through the competition to showcase themselves. This is a life-saving platform. Perhaps through your micro-film can make people have more reflection on abortion. Hope more friends will actively take part, altogether to make this “choice; life” micro-film event become the most influential charity activities. Working together for our common aspirations – together protect every innocent life that shouldn’t hurt.

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The World Chinese Micro Film Competition is a platform to showcase yourself. Film and television enthusiasts can show themselves through the competition. This is a life-saving platform. Maybe through your micro-films, you can give people who want abortion more reflection.

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Chief Reviewer

Director and producer Deng Hanqiang