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Activity background
“Choice; life” – the baby’s life; in your choices and decisions!

Activity Background
According to the World Health Organization conservatively estimates, global every day has 120K small life being aborted (that year’s South Asian tsunami death toll is around 300,000, and we are grief-stricken on this tragedy, but we ignored the fetus fields, South Asian tsunami will occur every two or three days). Among 500 women die from abortion; Global annual number of abortions are more than 50 million, 100 million for two years. While the abortion situation in China, it is averaging approximately 13 million times a year, is the country with the largest number of abortions in the world … … These figures are shocking! Abortions for women also had severe bodily harm, common consequences are: infertility, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, bleeding and infection, fatigue, shock and coma, uterine perforation, peritonitis, intense pain, loss of body organs, insomnia, loss of appetite, reduced working capacity, abortion will feel very nervous when … …

Active objective
This contest is to promote — Give your baby’s life one more chance!  We are not saying that parents have abortions or to be abortion parental cruelty (everyone has their own reasons for doing what they believe is the right thing which we can fully understand).  We began this micro-film competition, but would like everyone to know a bit more about the message of abortion, Yet before you decide to have an abortion, think more about it, give yourself a chance to choose! Give babies a chance to live!

We give film enthusiasts a play space or a stage, to showcase their talent!

For parents with abortion, could get through the great Dharma short clips from our website or in our forums, know how to remedy it, and reduce the physical and psychological damage after abortion!

Why convey through micro-films:
Many people will not go to places of worship; Not listening to a religious CD, But will often contact a wide form of platforms, such as Facebook, Youku, YouTube and other viral videos, microfilm/video and information.  If we make a video, microfilm/video to capture their attention, they will continue to circulate, so that more people will know that we want to convey the information – Give the baby-life one more chance of survival!

The Entry Requirements
Microfilms with “Choice; Life “as the title, participating works topics will be self-made, works 5-20 minutes.

Participants’ works must be assured the original content, not plagiarism.

Participants’ works must not include any negative information, and shall not be an offence related laws and regulations. All participants copyright will belong to organiser Malaysia White Eastern Sdn. Bhd. Organizers reserve promptly of any changes in the terms of the power of final interpretation.
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Formatting Requirements:
* .avi, * .f4V; * .mpg, * .mp4; * .flv, * .wmv, * .mov, * .3GP, * .rmvb, * .mkv; * .asf; * .,264; * .ts; * .mts, * .dat, * .vob
We welcome all of the participants: whether individuals or groups; professional or non-professional, and so on; as long as you can bring out our title the “Choice; Life” (not abortion; cherish life) online!

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