The Appraisal, or Jury

In order to ensure that the micro-film competition is fair, just, and open to the public. The World Chinese micro-film Contest Official specifically, to the various sectors of the community have a certain quality, there is a certain degree of influence of the masters of the World Chinese micro-film competition of the jury, the jury is completely open to the social, the adjudication process is completely transparent to the social, and reward good works, talents, and let the Select; the sound to more than that, and more.

The member of the jury + publicity ambassador popular singer
Zhang Dongliang
Representative works “then when you alone, you will be reminded of who the star of the tears, and so on.

Film and Television works the smile of Pasta the invincible Shan Bao Mei”, and so on.

The member of the jury of film director Tang Hon-Keung Teacher.

Star museum founder, has been involved in many of the works of representative works in the cold war, the work of the Beijing in Seattle, and so on. .

Total Review the director scriptwriter Xue Xiao Xu Jialu teachers
China Film Association, China Television Company Association, and the China Film Association. Director and scriptwriter film The ocean paradise, the Beijing case of Seattle, and so on.