Presentation Ceremony

On August 18, 2014 evening, in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Department Golden Shield Film and Television Centre, and China Population Welfare Foundation friendly fund and Chinese youth rescues under the support of foundation charitable, sponsored by the China Association for international economic and technical cooperation promotion association city development centre, the Malaysian White Eastern Sdn. Bhd. initiates the “Choice – Life” World Chinese micro-film competition public welfare awards ceremony is held in the Beijing Central Ensemble Music Hall ceremoniously.

National educational administration institute party committee secretary and Deputy Executive Dean Huang Bai Lian, Chinese international economic and technological cooperation promotion agency executive member of the council, Deputy Secretary-General Ren Shu Ping, Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Logistics Department Golden Shield Film and Television Centre Director Zhang Wei, China Population Welfare Foundation Fund Initiator, and Executive Director Jin Shu Ping, China Population Welfare Foundation Society Liaison Department Vice-minister Wu Xiao Bing and others led, contest initiator, Malaysia White Eastern Sdn. Bhd Chairman Lin Jin Cheng, This micro-film contest propaganda ambassador, total assessors member, renowned singer Nicholas Teo, the Chief Adjudicator, renowned Producer and Director Deng Han Qiang, renowned singer Sa Ding Ding, Wu Lan Tuo Ya, Maria, De ge Ye, San Ji Ping Cuo, Zhu Li Ting, Chen Yi Ling, Ya Xi, Mu Zi Jun, renowned actor Liu Xiao Ling Tong, Yang Tong Shu, Ji Li, Asian most beauty yoga coach Mu Qi Mi Ya, renowned sports star Yang Ling, Sang Lan, Ren Lei and others sparkled to attend this presentation ceremony, the competition assessors.  [The Marine Paradise] ,  [Beijing Meet the Seattle]  screenwriter, Director Xue Xiao Lu specially recorded messages of congratulations.

This World Chinese micro-film public welfare big contest is a public welfare event that is initiated by the Malaysian White Eastern Sdn. Bhd. The goal is to use popular “micro-film” way, collects the works regarding “Choice – Life”, transmit a good concept; calling on the whole society treasure “New Life”, the physical and mental health care for women, promotes the family happiness harmoniously.

The awards ceremony scene group star is radiant, the movie broadcasts is stunning, brilliant performances, attracted about 30 media to catch up the come on-the-spot coverage report. With “Life” as titled for creating amazing sand painting performances marks the dinner party prologue, Song dancing partner  [Mother Eyes]  touched the hearts of all people, the Sanskrit mantra singing representatives San Ji Ping to lean the sentiment to sing the song  [Fo Shuo] , touches the innermost soul to engage in introspection, every excellent award-winning micro-film short film infected with each audience’s heart. “Choice; Life” The World Chinese Language micro-film competition award selection result is live announced,  [The mutual magic] ,  [The Son of Human] ,  [Where The Baby Gone]  3 films respectively won one or two, and third prize,  [The PEAR Womb] ,  [The Life pregnancy] ,  [ The Better of Fruit] ,  [Choice Of Life] ,  [The Farewell In September] ,  [The Choice Of Life] , and  [Hello, How Are You]  seven film works won the excellence award, and issued bonus for the first prize USD $30000, second prize USD $15000, and third prize USD $10000, and each excellence award USD $1500.

China Population Welfare Foundation of good facility, as the awards ceremony of the public support institutions, the society initiative launched the  [The Caring For Expectant Mothers] , and appealed to the community to actively participate to “cherish life, concern for expectant mothers” in public service activities. In the end, the awards ceremony in a heartwarming gathers positive energy’s song  [Stay with You]  successfully came to the end.

Renowned producer Deng Hanqiang, sports star Sang Lan would open the second prize of film work.

Chairman, Mr Lam Kam-Shing and one of the Renowned singer Sa Ding Ding presents awards to the first prize winner together.

The contest sponsor, Malaysia White Eastern chairman Lin Jin-Cheng speech

Renowned singer Nicholas Teo, Asian most beautiful yoga coach Mu Qi Mi Ya would open the first prize of film work.

Renowned movie star Liu Xiao Ling Tong presents awards to the second prize winner.